Sunday, January 16, 2011

my life is so boring

My life is so boring, that the big excitement of my weekend was getting snow pants.
no. I'm serious. I was just about giddy with excitement over finding snow pants at the store yesterday.

Mostly because it seems that all the stores only carry these "new" type of snow pants

I have been on the hunt for "Old School" bib style snow pants. For literally 2 years.

I finally found a pair in Walmart yesterday. They are Black, and only cost me $30. I was giddy.

Yes, I am aware I need a life!

But think of how many snowmen, snow forts and snowball fights the kids and I will both enjoy now. vs. the norm, where the kids are more than happy to play in the snow and I'm freezing and ready to cry.

Presto Change-O

It snow AGAIN last night, about another 10 cm. Daddy's busy trying to dig us out. So Mommy and Nathan are having some costume box fun...

 Presto Chang-o

Watch me wave my paintbrush er...magic wand...

and pull a rabbit out of my hat.

Friday, January 14, 2011

CNN article makes me see red

Vaccine-autism researcher should be prosecuted- was the headline on a CNN opinion article this morning. I can't tell you the mixed feeling I have about this. Reading through the article and finding out the researchers study was based on only 12 children and he may have falsified medical histories made me so incredibly angry. - but I still question why they are not releasing the information he reportedly falsified.

I just took Greg for his one year shots vaccination shots this week. And with Nathan I remember tormenting myself and reading every article I could get ahold of trying to decide.
With both boys, I've decided that the risk of the vaccines vs. the deadliness of the diseases, meant that I would vaccinate regardless. But after researching the ingredients of each shot, I have always refused to give influenza shots. Since they do contain trace amounts of mercury. And all the articles I read pointed to mercury most likely being the source.

Although I felt the risks of not vaccinating outweighed the risk of the diseases, I completely agree with the article author when he states "The direct result of this was the creation and perpetuation of an insidious myth that may be unparalleled in modern day medicine".

That's the part that really upsets me, if this research was originally based on only 12 children in the first place, why was it ever given any credibility? How many parents have refused to vaccinate based off of what could essentially be as credible as a rumor?
"wasted time and money pale in comparison to the devastating personal consequences that occurred across the globe as a direct result of Wakefield's behavior. The marked decrease in vaccinations which occurred in the decade following his research literally cost people their lives. When parents refused to vaccinate their children, many of them contracted diseases such as measles and pertussis (whooping cough). Some of them died."

I understand that many parents will still support this theory, if your child began showing symptoms of autism right after a vaccination shot, research credibility isn't going to matter to you. But all the parents who didn't vaccinate in fear of the what if's?????

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is actually on the market?


A friend of mine actually bought this hot sauce. I mean it's an awesome name but I couldn't believe it was actually on the market as "Colon cleaner Hot sauce"

Why can't I be a kid and get some of the cute stuff?

Is it wrong that I'm totally in love with this "children garden watering can"

This little Hedgehog just speaks to me.
Cute- Yes!
Practical? - Probably not since it looks like it would hold next to no water. Probably why it's for kids huh?