Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What rings true?

I got an email from a college friend the other day. It made me LOL

"you've totally gone domesticated...milking goats, making soap...my my my...what happened to my high heel wearing outrageous jo?
Farmer jo has a good ring to it."

It was from one of my best friends in college and it made me laugh.

The girl I was then owned a PINK feather boa and would wear it to the bar paired with a pink cowboy hat and pink cowboy boots- because she could.
She was known to wear high heels even when moving.
She owned sports cars that she drove too fast, and charmed cops out of giving her tickets.
All of her friends would be waiting for her to get to class Monday morning to hear the stories of her wild weekend in the "big city" and there was always a story.

but that was 10 years ago

Now the same girl wears pink rubber boots out to feed the chickens. And drinks pink ginger ale instead of beer.
She lives in rubber boots or sneakers because there easier to chase kids in. And only wears high heels once and awhile to town.
She drives a minivan, the speed limit because there is precious cargo strapped in the backseat.
And she reads bedtime stories
She takes classes online to learn to make goat cheese and soap.

yes farmer jo does have a good ring to it. Probably a much truer ring.
I had fun, I had adventures. I probably would have had a much more interesting blog back then.
But now?...Now I'm living my truth.
I'm living the life I always wanted as a child.
And I'm giving that life to my children.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

rain drops keep falling on my head

Monday night our soccer practice was canceled due to rain. But when your 3 rain just makes everything more fun!!!I'd found a scooter at a garage sale for 7 dollars on the weekend. He's being dying for one for awhile. Every time were in a store where there sold he's ready to test drive them up and down the isles, peoples ankles in the way or not! One of the drawbacks to living on a farm is you don't have sidewalks, or hardly enough concrete to ride a scooter properly. So instead of soccer practice we went to town anyways and spent a good 45 minutes riding in a parking lot. The finished a new strip mall last summer and store are yet to move into any of the spaces. This makes for some awesome riding. there are no cars, and brand new concrete everywhere.

Nate was getting the hang of it pretty good. But you would have laughed at me. Rain may not bother 3 year olds but there was Mom under a big umbrella with a warm coffee in hand going up and down the curbs behind the "ROCKET SCOOTER".

Friday, June 11, 2010

knights of indigo

Wouldn't it be awesome to be 3 again? and just start playing dress up whenever and where ever you are? To have that kind of imagination? and not care what anyone thought? To just be in the moment so you become a knight with your sword and crown?
Nathan and I were in the bookstore Tuesday night, he disappeared behind one of the bookshelves, and after a minute or two I had to go see what he was up to. This was the sight I came around the corner to.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sodbusters rodeo

Saturday we...or I should say Nathan participated in the Sodbusters rodeo. It was the perfect small town rodeo with all ages and abilities steer wrestling, bull riding, bare back broncs...and of course there was Mutton bustin'!!!

This is Nathan's second time doing the Mutton bustin', we did the bull-a-rama back in April.

And as I watched the first kid ride, I was a little worried about how he'd do. This time no one was going to hold him on. They had what I referred to as the bait sheep, standing in the middle of the arena, in an attempt to make the riding sheep run a beeline to the "bait" sheep I think. But once they got the kids on the backs of the sheep they turned them loose.

Most of the kids only made it about 20 feet before hitting the dust.

Nathan was the 4th one up. they got him settled on the back of this poor sheep told him to hold on tight and let the thing go!

No word of a lie. That little cowboy hung on for dear life, and made it to the half way mark of the arena. If fact I'm pretty sure the only reason he fell is because the sheep came to a dead stop when it got to the "bait" sheep.

He rode further than any of the kids there (not that I'm bragging- okay maybe a little). And when I saw the pictures afterwards he had a huge grin on his face the whole time he was riding. Of course when he fell off he apparently landed on his head (lucky they make them wear helmets) so I think he may have also cried the hardest of all the kids too!

I don't know if we'll get him back on another sheep now.

but I love this picture of him riding and the clown running along beside him in the back ground.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

World's most beautiful tweet

Apparently there was a competition out of the U.K for the world's most beautiful tweet and a writer (or tweeter) out of Edmonton won.

I love the tweet...
" I believe we can build a better world! Of course, it'll take a whole lot of rock, water & dirt. Also, not sure where to put it."

you can see the article here

Being a tourist in your hometown.

Thursday was a rainy miserable kind of day, and I had cabin fever. So we ended up at the garden center in town. Although we ended up not buying anything I did walk out with a visitors guide for the area.
We are still pretty new and kind of like tourists around here. Plus it had all the dates for the fairs and upcoming summer events. But as I was thumbing through it I found out that there is a shrine in the area that I knew nothing about...Even though it was rainy and grey and pretty much the worst weather for pictures I had to head over and check this out.

Apparently she stands 7 feet tall and was sculpted in Italy from Carrara Marble- and is also the only religious monument of its kind in Canada.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

When your Mom is a jerk

See what happens when you fall asleep in the car on a rainy day and Mom is bored waiting in a parking lot?
Well it's what happens if your Mom is kind if a jerk anyways! I'm sure most Mom's wouldn't use their kids as a coloring book.
He had a cute curled moustache and little beard too. But 3 year olds must touch their faces a lot while sleeping because only the eyebrows really were in tact by the time he woke up.

Super cool find

We were in town last week, and came across a rummage sale at the church.

we found 14 VHS movies Disney and Dora the explorer for 25 cents each.

A board game, and a pair of shorts for Nathan and only spent 5 bucks.

Then outside they had an entire bench full of free things. One of which was this super cool retro bike.

"Free" are there any better words than that?

It's not in the best shape. The fenders are bent to rub the wheels and the brakes are out of alignment. The tires are trashed.

But I'm really not planning on riding it.

I think it would look amazing with a coat of turquoise blue, or a bright green paint. A big hanging basket on the front filled with hanging flowers and parked out on the lawn.

That's my thoughts right now. But I'm still researching it a bit, trying to figure out exactly how old and retro it is. In the bit of investigating I've done already. These bikes from the 20's -30's and 40's can be worth more than a thousand dollars. I'm pretty sure by the goldish color on the bike and the gear shift on the handle bars that it's probably only a 70's bike and not worth anything close. but I'd sure be mad if I found out after it had been spray painted and left outside for a year that it was worth big bucks!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Picnic Day

I promised Nathan a picnic todaySo we set up the tent in the backyard and even packed Greg in the picnic basket

We all had a great time can't you tell. I LOVE this picture of us all looking at each other

a Greg in a box?

mmmmm...peanut butter and banana sandwich

Nate thinks its the coolest clubhouse ever! So excited, it was such a fun adventure for him. We've left the tent up in the yard for a few days. and Nathan is dying to get back out there first thing in the morning.