Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Ice Cream

Chris' Birthday...and I'd put off making a cake. It was way to hot to turn on the oven and bake one, so we did the next best thing...

Off to DQ- and stick some Birthday candles in the ice cream~

Happy Birthday!!!!

Of course Nathan figured he must be missing out...and needed a candle in his cone too!

Happy UnBirthday!

mmmm...even better than cake.

The Capital EX

Yesterday we went to the fair...the capital ex actually. I had wanted to go on Chris' Birthday (today) but after looking at the schedule of entertainment we decided to go yesterday to see Thomas the Train and Elmo!

Nathan Had the best view of anyone for the Thomas the Train show

Thomas, the station master and the conductor putting on their songs and dance act
Nathan with the mini donuts- a must at any fair!!!

And I put him on a pony ride! I was so proud of him, he loved it and he was solid in the saddle.

At one point during the ride he noticed the horse in front of us was empty...and we had a little conversation...
"Mommy seat" (pointing at the horse)
"yes the seat on that horse is empty, it's called a saddle not a seat Nathan"
"mommy go sit"
Mommy I've got this covered, go ride your own horse I don't need any help here.
I love his confidence- a little cowboy in the making
We played the duck pond game

And he won "froggy"- he got to choose which one he wanted and of course chose the brightest creature of them all

Chris got his Birthday corn dog

Although he did agree to share a few was Nathan's first corn dog ever and he thought it was a pretty good deal - although he started calling it "Doggie corn" which I think grossed his Daddy out

And we did see the sesame street characters- although I wasn't impressed! I though they were putting on some type of show. Turns out it was a meet a greet, with about a 45 minute wait by the time we realized what the deal was. So this was about as close as we got...and that of course caused a melt down that we didn't get to hug Elmo!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm so excited for tomorrow...I must be getting OLD!!!
My Dad and Barb are coming up, and going to pick up our New Lawn Mower!!!
a sweet John Deere riding lawn mower that is! ( we're being spoiled by both sets of parents getting together and buying it for us as a wedding present- My dad's just thrilled I didn't cost him a million bucks with a big wedding and decided to put the money into something we need- so cool)
No more push mower.
I'm tempted to go get me a John Deere hat so I can feel like a true redneck...of course I'd have to find a pink one....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

mmmmm..tastes like summer

I found perfectly ripe cherries at the store today...You know the kind that you need to eat right away because they're so juicy and perfect at that exact moment?
Personally I love pulling off the stems and spitting the pits out...but this year I was a little worried about someone breaking a tooth or chocking on a I de-pitted (Is that an actual word?) all of them first

And we took a whole bowl of them out onto the deck for dessert tonight
I think, by the looks of this face, my son may have inherited a love of cherries from me!

Although I don't think he was to crazy about the cherry juice wipe down/clean up routine his dad had for him

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday Nite Date

Being to hot and tired to cook, and knowing that I had to pick up a few things at Walmart.
I took Nathan to Mcdonalds.
I bought him a happy meal, which had some sort of dinosaur toy in it...and then we went and did our errands in Walmart...
He was really well behaved the entire time, so I'd had a great night.
But the really special part to me was the conversation we had just as we were getting in the van to go home, he looked up at me and said...
"mommy, 'donalds fun"
and then
"thanks mommy dinosaur"

from a little guy that doesn't have a lot of words still, that just about made me cry!

It was a special date night for me

Friday, July 10, 2009

Flowers flowers everywhere

Nathan and I spent our evening gardening together, actually that's not entirely true first we went to Wal-mart to get the potting soil, some big boy undies oh and McDonald's for dinner...then we spent the rest of the night wedding and planting.
I know it's super late to be planting flowers, but after the July long weekend they go on sale for 50 % off, and seeing as I'll probably kill at least half I figure the math works out in the end...sort of!
After weeding the big horse trough/planter out front I just put Nathan right into it; to help me dig the holes. As you can see in the pic below it's a little too tall for him to try and reach into.

All I can say is the flowers are "well planted" or at least well packed into the soil since I think that most of them got stepped on at least once.

(my poor lily got the worst abuse of all the plants, Chris broke one of the blooms off before we were even out of the store and Nathan stepped on it, and I think he may have snapped the stem of the remaining maybe I'll have pretty lilies next year ?!?!?)
I also had to dig some back out, since Nathan thought they need to be completely cover over in dirt. But hey he was helping.

This is the special plant that Nathan got to pick out himself...I think it's pretty cool looking, I've never seen one before it's called a candy corn plant...

He's also an expert waterer. I think that needs to become his new chore.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

**An Update since the last post about the "FROG" in the basement**
I was on the phone with Chris when I discovered the creature in the wall...and the first words out of my mouth, after the scream were"there's a lizard or a gecko in the wall"
to which he told me I was being crazy it was probably a after the last post i went back down stairs to make sure the water had completely stopped and look what I found...
We were actually both wrong, after some research on the net I realized it's actually a Tiger Salamander
Being a salamander is less scary than a frog...go figure that one out. So I caught the slimy little thing with a bucket and a broom and even fashioned this little cage to keep it over night so I could show the boys in the morning

Nathan thought the thing was pretty cool in the bucket

Although he was sure it was a frog and kept telling us it was kermit

It was even cool to watch it run around on Daddy's hands...

But when we asked if he was going to touch it, he threw himself off the chair and shouted "NO, no thanks"

We took it to the edge of the pond out front and released it

By the picture below I'm not surprised we've never seen one before now, look how well they camouflage in their environment

Basement disaster

This morning we noticed the hot water was out.

Neither one of us was that keen on going downstairs and looking at the tank. We were told by the house inspector before we moved in the hot water tank probably had less than a year of life in it, so we thought we knew what we were about to find.


the whole basement was flooded, and I mean the WHOLE BASEMENT. it was up to my ankle in low spots.

We think the kill switch and the float in the water holding tank failed. So the tank was full but the pump kept bring in more water from the well. NOT GOOD.

anyways, lots of mopping and pumping and wet vac action later (like 3 hours later) we had it kind of under control.

put down some fans and heaters to dry out for a bit and were hoping to leave it until tomorrow- where we can start a bleach clean up...ummm no...

I just went down to turn off the heaters before bed. there's more water!!!

not as much, and it's contained around the I killed the power to all the pumps and shut off all the water lines including the hot water tank...

but do you know what freaked me out the worst?

a frog

yes, you read that right. On my way down the stairs there was a frog trying to jam it self into a crack in the wall. I screamed!


I'm not usually a total girly-girl but I had a run in with a frog a few years ago and now I'm tainted against them. Snakes, Frogs and Moths. those are my big girly- run- screaming kind of things. And running into a frog in the basement just made the whole nasty flood thing too much!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adventures in potty training

Admittedly, my morning sickness and lack of energy has affected all areas of our life, and Nathan's potty training has suffered along with everything else. The funny thing is although I haven't managed to get him to use the potty on a regular basis...I do seem to have him outdoor trained...

This pic just makes me laugh.
Not only did he whip off his pants and diaper completely when I asked if he needed to pee. He also headed straight for the fence!
and the mask just kills me.
"if I wear my mask no one will no it's me peeing on the fence"
I guess peeing is just that much more fun if you get to do it outside...Must be a boy thing!

ha ha oops...

I just realized it was probably a little tacky posting about my wedding in one post and a new baby in the next~
Not That I've ever been someone who follows the rules very well. I just do what works for our family, and if the timing isn't perfect for everything~oh well!!!

I don't know if you noticed the Widget on the side bar??? the baby count down ticker?

We're expecting in mid- January....
and the most exciting part for me right now is TODAY is officially 13 weeks!!!
Marking the end of the first trimester...which has been BRUTAL. Morning sickness, tired beyond belief, I'm so hoping this marks the end of all these symptom, and we can just move on to the other pregnancy aches and complaints. I had no idea that pregnancy was so different from one kid to the next

Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally a MRS

After, like 4 years of being "engaged"- we finally just ran off and "Eloped"- well, sort of...
We went to Drumheller for the day

and had our parents meet us there, so it was small a quick..and in the end it was just the people that I think it was most important to.

I didn't wear my "real wedding dress" partly because I was scared it wouldn't fit and partly just to keep this simple and laid back

We got married at the "little Church"
- which seats 10,000
6 at a time
(also a way of ensuring that the wedding had to stay small, there was only enough room for us in there)
and finally after all this waiting, and cancelled wedding finally was a done deal, sealed with a kiss!