Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adventures in potty training

Admittedly, my morning sickness and lack of energy has affected all areas of our life, and Nathan's potty training has suffered along with everything else. The funny thing is although I haven't managed to get him to use the potty on a regular basis...I do seem to have him outdoor trained...

This pic just makes me laugh.
Not only did he whip off his pants and diaper completely when I asked if he needed to pee. He also headed straight for the fence!
and the mask just kills me.
"if I wear my mask no one will no it's me peeing on the fence"
I guess peeing is just that much more fun if you get to do it outside...Must be a boy thing!


Leslie said...

OMG..that's hilarious.

Sarah said...

LMAO girl!! That picture just cracked me up!!! When Fox was that age we lived out in the toolies on a ranch - he too spent many a summer afternoon..doing eactly the same thing. Worked like a charm!! The mask is beyond too funny!!
Hope you are feeling better soon - ackkk hate morning sickness! Thank you for sharing this!! Hugs, Sarah