Thursday, July 9, 2009

Basement disaster

This morning we noticed the hot water was out.

Neither one of us was that keen on going downstairs and looking at the tank. We were told by the house inspector before we moved in the hot water tank probably had less than a year of life in it, so we thought we knew what we were about to find.


the whole basement was flooded, and I mean the WHOLE BASEMENT. it was up to my ankle in low spots.

We think the kill switch and the float in the water holding tank failed. So the tank was full but the pump kept bring in more water from the well. NOT GOOD.

anyways, lots of mopping and pumping and wet vac action later (like 3 hours later) we had it kind of under control.

put down some fans and heaters to dry out for a bit and were hoping to leave it until tomorrow- where we can start a bleach clean up...ummm no...

I just went down to turn off the heaters before bed. there's more water!!!

not as much, and it's contained around the I killed the power to all the pumps and shut off all the water lines including the hot water tank...

but do you know what freaked me out the worst?

a frog

yes, you read that right. On my way down the stairs there was a frog trying to jam it self into a crack in the wall. I screamed!


I'm not usually a total girly-girl but I had a run in with a frog a few years ago and now I'm tainted against them. Snakes, Frogs and Moths. those are my big girly- run- screaming kind of things. And running into a frog in the basement just made the whole nasty flood thing too much!!!

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