Thursday, July 9, 2009

**An Update since the last post about the "FROG" in the basement**
I was on the phone with Chris when I discovered the creature in the wall...and the first words out of my mouth, after the scream were"there's a lizard or a gecko in the wall"
to which he told me I was being crazy it was probably a after the last post i went back down stairs to make sure the water had completely stopped and look what I found...
We were actually both wrong, after some research on the net I realized it's actually a Tiger Salamander
Being a salamander is less scary than a frog...go figure that one out. So I caught the slimy little thing with a bucket and a broom and even fashioned this little cage to keep it over night so I could show the boys in the morning

Nathan thought the thing was pretty cool in the bucket

Although he was sure it was a frog and kept telling us it was kermit

It was even cool to watch it run around on Daddy's hands...

But when we asked if he was going to touch it, he threw himself off the chair and shouted "NO, no thanks"

We took it to the edge of the pond out front and released it

By the picture below I'm not surprised we've never seen one before now, look how well they camouflage in their environment

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Sarah said...

Oh how cool is that!! Too dry in my yard - but we looove that kind of stuff. have seen the bugs on my blog..lots of bugs. The salamander would be a welcome relief to spiders!! He was pretty big!!!
Wonderful post!! How are ya feelin'?