Sunday, July 12, 2009

mmmmm..tastes like summer

I found perfectly ripe cherries at the store today...You know the kind that you need to eat right away because they're so juicy and perfect at that exact moment?
Personally I love pulling off the stems and spitting the pits out...but this year I was a little worried about someone breaking a tooth or chocking on a I de-pitted (Is that an actual word?) all of them first

And we took a whole bowl of them out onto the deck for dessert tonight
I think, by the looks of this face, my son may have inherited a love of cherries from me!

Although I don't think he was to crazy about the cherry juice wipe down/clean up routine his dad had for him


Anne said...

Hi, Jolt! My hubby has been enjoying the cherries, too. Although he doesn't need quite that much clean-up afterwards! ;-)

Catja said...

sweet baby!