Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Capital EX

Yesterday we went to the fair...the capital ex actually. I had wanted to go on Chris' Birthday (today) but after looking at the schedule of entertainment we decided to go yesterday to see Thomas the Train and Elmo!

Nathan Had the best view of anyone for the Thomas the Train show

Thomas, the station master and the conductor putting on their songs and dance act
Nathan with the mini donuts- a must at any fair!!!

And I put him on a pony ride! I was so proud of him, he loved it and he was solid in the saddle.

At one point during the ride he noticed the horse in front of us was empty...and we had a little conversation...
"Mommy seat" (pointing at the horse)
"yes the seat on that horse is empty, it's called a saddle not a seat Nathan"
"mommy go sit"
Mommy I've got this covered, go ride your own horse I don't need any help here.
I love his confidence- a little cowboy in the making
We played the duck pond game

And he won "froggy"- he got to choose which one he wanted and of course chose the brightest creature of them all

Chris got his Birthday corn dog

Although he did agree to share a few was Nathan's first corn dog ever and he thought it was a pretty good deal - although he started calling it "Doggie corn" which I think grossed his Daddy out

And we did see the sesame street characters- although I wasn't impressed! I though they were putting on some type of show. Turns out it was a meet a greet, with about a 45 minute wait by the time we realized what the deal was. So this was about as close as we got...and that of course caused a melt down that we didn't get to hug Elmo!

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Cha Cha said...

But "doggie corn" just made me snort lemonade through my nose. Bwah ha ha!