Sunday, May 24, 2009

"NICE" People

I just have to vent about this...
so, we went to a town just north of here today that was having a community wide garage sale.
and at one of the garage sales Nathan attached to a little electronic black jack game. for no real reason, except it was his size I think.
Anyways we told him we were going and to put the game down on the table.
the hissy fit started, boots got kicked off everything.
So the lady running the garage sale rushes over and says "oh, he can have that" and hands it to him!

Now I know she was being nice,
and most people just don't want to see a little kid cry.
But it really irked me! I mean were standing there telling our child no, and some stranger is undermining us. The point was not to buy the toy or not I'm sure it wasn't even that expensive, but the actual problem was that he'd gotten 2 other toys at a different sale and needs to understand he doesn't get everything he wants.

I know people are being nice and he's cute, but it really make me angry when the offer something to Nathan, or stick it in his hand before they ask me. People give him suckers and things all the time...and half the time I'm just like "really? great, he just had some sugar and now your jamming more in him. But I'm the mean one and get to deal with the temper tantrum not mention the screaming and tears if I take it away now! THANKS!!!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pretty cool wedding video

Found this in my travels... thought it was one of the coolest wedding videos I've seen...

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Babies

Happy Mother's Day!!!
This week we added 2 new "babies" to our household.
On Wednesday we added an adorable 4 week old kitten, and named here Chevy. She is "Nathan's Kitty" and if you get caught picking her up... he comes over "no, my kitty".

...and today- actually on Mother's day, we got another Furbaby. He's a 3 month old Old Bull Mastiff/Bloodhound, named Mack. He is full of puppy energy, but seems pretty smart and also already in love with Nathan.

I've told Chris before I think that animals sense aura's and I think Nathan has a good animal Aura, because it never takes long for animals to become totally attached to him. And it's not like he's always extremely gentle or nice, but somehow these animals all fall in love with him anyways. He's already got the kitten trained! It follows him around like a puppy would. He runs across the deck or the yard and Chevy goes flying right after him. On the second day the cat was here, he taught her to climb up and down the stairs, and the 2 of them went up and down for over twenty minutes. I think it's just the coolest thing that he can get these animals to WANT to hang around him all the time.

I'm not really looking forward to all the work that Mack is going to require- his owners we're allowing him to jump up on people (which is a really bad thing when you consider that full grown this dog will probably be well over 100 pounds)-but I think we found a pup that will be worth the work, and we'll have to see what magic the miniature animal whisper can work too!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Exciting news- cool cars

This....was my Baby- before I had an actual BABY. I sold her while I was pregnant to buy *sigh* the Minivan!!! I called her "Lucy" :P because I always described her color as lipstick red...I don't know, just my strangeness again...but the name Lucy stuck.

But here's the exciting news part,

I actually had my Dad sell her for me (which is what I've always done with my cars) but he sold her to his girlfriends son. And now...drum roll please...he's giving her up(long story, not the point) and she's coming HOME.

Chris is bent that he'll drive her to work for at least the summer, while he sells his car and looks for a truck. Which I suppose makes sense, although I think it's just any excuse to get her back!

and me? so not complaining! I sold her because it was going to be too hard to get a baby seat in the back with those 500 pound doors. but now I've got a toddler, who can climb in and out of cars on his own...and we'll both look pretty cool when we swipe "daddy's"car and go to town for ice cream in style!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

no one to blame but me

Nathan's been a real tape recorder lately...and tonight it came back to bite me.
When we we're living in the "EVIL" condo, I was always worried that maggie's barking would get us in trouble with the condo Nazi's. So It was probably several times a day I would say "shut up Maggie."
I've actually heard Nathan tell Maggie to "shut up" a few times out here, and felt kind of bad that I knew he'd gotten it from me, but I hoped if I ignored it, it might disappear (especially since I no longer say it b/c I don't care if she barks out here)
But tonight...
I was doing laundry and my helper wandered in to see what I was up too...(our laundry room is the main floor bath) anyways he started repeatedly flushing the toilet, I asked him to stop, and then snapped at him the second time"Nathan I already said that's enough"
and his response?
wanna see Mommy go from zero to mad instantly?
NAthan figured out how to make that happen tonight!!!!

I thought I'd have at least a few more years until he started back talking me like that!
as he got but in his room, I was kind of wondering if I should go for a time out too...since I taught him the words in the first place?????

YAY a second chance

I just popped over to the Project blogway site...
I was kind of disappointed that I didn't manage to get any of my ideas done, but wanted to see what everyone else had done...
but I found this.....
I guess the competition has been postponed until the end of summer...YAY for me, that means I might still be able to get something done!!! Not that the next few months won't be swamped...but there is only so many hours you can spend outside during the day.

garden (late) planning

Yesterday we hit up the farmers was a little disappointing there were only 3 tables...Eggs, quilts, but happily someone selling cuttings of his plants. I was very excited about this

I came home with a rhubarb plant, 2 raspberry bushes, 4 strawberries, and some chives...all for 8 bucks.The previous owners also left us some potatoes which are already sprouting in a box downstairs

So today I went and got some seed packages in town (39 packages to be exact), although most of the packages say I should have started them indoors anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks ago, I hoping that if I get everything in this week, I may still be able to have some sort of garden it'll be a late harvest for sure but cross your fingers it still works to some extent.

We also swung into Peavy mart, and I picked up even more seeds, for peas, carrots and well as barn paint for the front fence, and chicken wire to fix...ummm...well the chicken coop. Oh and the funny red thingys in the picture are reflector stakes to but in at the driveway entrance since Chris seems to have real problems finding the actual entrance to our place after dark....
Can you tell I have a slightly busy week ahead of me?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sick Day- but still need ice cream

Nathan has been feeling really cruddy for 2 days now, He's so lethargic and basically spent all of today on the couch watching Muppet movies (yes Kermit has replaced Elmo- as Hero of the week)
but since the bud-o was up throwing up at 6 am this morning, no one got enough sleep...and it was are laziest day ever around here. There was nothing accomplished , even meals were kind of fend for yourself deal all day.

but I was stir crazy by 8 tonite. and insisted we go to town for ice cream.
We ended up at the next town at the Dairy Queen- and I couldn't help but laugh- we've become so small town already our BIG FRIDAY NITE plans now involve a Dairy Queen!!!
What is the fascination with small towns and Dairy Queens?
Is it just the only thing open past sundown?
oh yes, we also cause quite the sensation taking "mouse boy" into the ice cream store. apparently the town isn't quite ready for the fashion statements of 2 year old. but we can't seem to go anywhere without our mouse ears right now.

oh and then when we got home I was out in the garage moving some stuff, and had my first actual mouse encounter!
I really don't do well with mice, I'm so one of those cartoon characters that just wants to jump on a chair and scream.
but it's probably karma sending all those e-mails and posting the pic yesterday of my big mouse problem...I'm sure I brought this on myself!!!