Friday, May 1, 2009

Sick Day- but still need ice cream

Nathan has been feeling really cruddy for 2 days now, He's so lethargic and basically spent all of today on the couch watching Muppet movies (yes Kermit has replaced Elmo- as Hero of the week)
but since the bud-o was up throwing up at 6 am this morning, no one got enough sleep...and it was are laziest day ever around here. There was nothing accomplished , even meals were kind of fend for yourself deal all day.

but I was stir crazy by 8 tonite. and insisted we go to town for ice cream.
We ended up at the next town at the Dairy Queen- and I couldn't help but laugh- we've become so small town already our BIG FRIDAY NITE plans now involve a Dairy Queen!!!
What is the fascination with small towns and Dairy Queens?
Is it just the only thing open past sundown?
oh yes, we also cause quite the sensation taking "mouse boy" into the ice cream store. apparently the town isn't quite ready for the fashion statements of 2 year old. but we can't seem to go anywhere without our mouse ears right now.

oh and then when we got home I was out in the garage moving some stuff, and had my first actual mouse encounter!
I really don't do well with mice, I'm so one of those cartoon characters that just wants to jump on a chair and scream.
but it's probably karma sending all those e-mails and posting the pic yesterday of my big mouse problem...I'm sure I brought this on myself!!!

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Anne said...

Cute picture! And I think Dairy Queen is great! When we first moved into our current house, we quickly learned there was a DQ nearby ... AND they had "happy hour" from 4 to 5, which was basically a buy-one-get-one free deal. We would race home from work to try to squeeze in before 5 and get 2 Blizzards. Gained a few pounds on that deal! Had to stop! :-)