Sunday, May 3, 2009

garden (late) planning

Yesterday we hit up the farmers was a little disappointing there were only 3 tables...Eggs, quilts, but happily someone selling cuttings of his plants. I was very excited about this

I came home with a rhubarb plant, 2 raspberry bushes, 4 strawberries, and some chives...all for 8 bucks.The previous owners also left us some potatoes which are already sprouting in a box downstairs

So today I went and got some seed packages in town (39 packages to be exact), although most of the packages say I should have started them indoors anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks ago, I hoping that if I get everything in this week, I may still be able to have some sort of garden it'll be a late harvest for sure but cross your fingers it still works to some extent.

We also swung into Peavy mart, and I picked up even more seeds, for peas, carrots and well as barn paint for the front fence, and chicken wire to fix...ummm...well the chicken coop. Oh and the funny red thingys in the picture are reflector stakes to but in at the driveway entrance since Chris seems to have real problems finding the actual entrance to our place after dark....
Can you tell I have a slightly busy week ahead of me?

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