Monday, May 4, 2009

Exciting news- cool cars

This....was my Baby- before I had an actual BABY. I sold her while I was pregnant to buy *sigh* the Minivan!!! I called her "Lucy" :P because I always described her color as lipstick red...I don't know, just my strangeness again...but the name Lucy stuck.

But here's the exciting news part,

I actually had my Dad sell her for me (which is what I've always done with my cars) but he sold her to his girlfriends son. And now...drum roll please...he's giving her up(long story, not the point) and she's coming HOME.

Chris is bent that he'll drive her to work for at least the summer, while he sells his car and looks for a truck. Which I suppose makes sense, although I think it's just any excuse to get her back!

and me? so not complaining! I sold her because it was going to be too hard to get a baby seat in the back with those 500 pound doors. but now I've got a toddler, who can climb in and out of cars on his own...and we'll both look pretty cool when we swipe "daddy's"car and go to town for ice cream in style!!!

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Anne said...

Congratulations on getting your baby car back! :-)