Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Babies

Happy Mother's Day!!!
This week we added 2 new "babies" to our household.
On Wednesday we added an adorable 4 week old kitten, and named here Chevy. She is "Nathan's Kitty" and if you get caught picking her up... he comes over "no, my kitty".

...and today- actually on Mother's day, we got another Furbaby. He's a 3 month old Old Bull Mastiff/Bloodhound, named Mack. He is full of puppy energy, but seems pretty smart and also already in love with Nathan.

I've told Chris before I think that animals sense aura's and I think Nathan has a good animal Aura, because it never takes long for animals to become totally attached to him. And it's not like he's always extremely gentle or nice, but somehow these animals all fall in love with him anyways. He's already got the kitten trained! It follows him around like a puppy would. He runs across the deck or the yard and Chevy goes flying right after him. On the second day the cat was here, he taught her to climb up and down the stairs, and the 2 of them went up and down for over twenty minutes. I think it's just the coolest thing that he can get these animals to WANT to hang around him all the time.

I'm not really looking forward to all the work that Mack is going to require- his owners we're allowing him to jump up on people (which is a really bad thing when you consider that full grown this dog will probably be well over 100 pounds)-but I think we found a pup that will be worth the work, and we'll have to see what magic the miniature animal whisper can work too!

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Anne said...

Hi, Jolt! Gorgeous fur babies! Good luck! Happy Mother's Day! :-)