Wednesday, December 31, 2008



YAY!!! 2008 is almost over

I hate to admit it, but I'll be glad to see the end!!!
oVERALL i THINK 2008 HaS KINDA SUCKED for us at least.
I don't want to complain, but I had to sell and leave the house that I absolutely loved.
We had all these misadventures in moving,
sad things like getting rid of Kaylee.
and to avoid a pityfest
I have HIGH HIGH Hopes for 2009!
I mean we have big plans for buying an acreage
My resolution is to find more of me! whether that means going back to work part time or doing more paintings or a least something creative and selling it.- but something to regain more of me!!! I mean I love being Nathan's Mommy- but I'm starting to feel like that's all I am- and my one and only true resolution is to find myself again.
But with only a few hours left,
Nathan and I are Watching Shrek 2,
while I run around and try to get some cleaning done.
There's nothing more depressing that doing Laundry that is from LAST YEAR.
So I'm hoping to have the laundry and dishes done before we ring in a new year.
and that's how exciting my life is now!
I spend New Year's EVE watching a kids movie
and doing Laundry.

Elmo is like a God in our house

Nathan Has taken on a total attachment to Elmo, I can't take him into any store without him pointing out every Elmo he sees...Considering he has so few words...but ELMO is very clear, and he has to make sure you noticed his best buddy too.

For his 2nd Birthday we bought him the New Elmo Live. The box says that its age appropriate for 18 months plus. But honestly Elmo has so many moving parts, and is so mechanical that I'm worried that an over zealous 2 year old...who enjoys dragging Elmo by his arms will break poor old Elmo.
I actually returned the first Elmo doll,
Because not even a month after we bought Elmo his price dropped like 12 dollars. So our first Elmo got "re-wired"*see my post note about toy wiring into his box and I took him back and re bought one for 12 dollars less. But the new Elmo is still sitting in the closet, because Like I said before I'm worried that all the dragging around will just break Elmo.
So I thought that just getting Nathan a plush stuffed elmo might be more age appropriate- which brings me to my Elmo Conspiracy theory...
I spent all of December looking for any stuffed Elmo, but I swear they have been pulled off the shelf. There wasn't one anywhere. I think that Sesame Street has pulled all Elmo dolls off the shelves in order to up the sales of the New Elmo Live. I'm serious they are no other Elmo dolls, and I think its a conspiracy to make parents buy the new doll, by not giving them any other "elmo options". I mean when have you not seen Elmo dolls in every toy department, and yet now there's none except the expensive elmo live doll. I think it's honestly to prevent people from buying a "cheaper version" for kids like Nathan who wouldn't know the difference and just need an Elmo.
So that's my Sesame Street Conspiracy theory.

So being the manipulative parent, since everything centres around Elmo...We bought Elmo Potty Time DVD to try and getting potty training rolling around here.

I figure since I get the remote brought to me with the demand "ELMO" several times a day, that I'll just put on Elmo Potty every time I get the Elmo request...So It seems like a constant loop of Elmo singing about his potty and hand washing or the names for pee and poo in our house. But hopefully Elmo being the god like figure that he is right now will be able to convince someone that the potty is cool!

nothing drives me more crazy than the stupid wires used to secure every child's toy you buy now! The wires are usually around each foot and each arm as well as the neck and usually another place or two. And not only is it frustrating to try and de-tangle all these wires in front of an anxious child...I mean the kid sees the new toy they want it, right then not after 20 minutes of mom wrestling the stupid thing. But the other thing that completely makes me mad about these wires is they are almost always secured in a second layer of packaging- almost always insuring that you need to rip the box apart completely to access them- and therefore making an nonworking toy next to impossible to return!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm desperately trying to figure out how to upload a new template to change my blog page layout...and I'm ready to scream trying to get it to work!!!!

If this doesn't work soon I'm going to have to try and find my HTML book and write my own code...but I have a funny feeling it probably in a box, and most likely still in Calgary

Greasy Monkey

Everywhere- Everywhere-Everywhere
Nathan went to bed tonight, Or a least I thought he did!
I went to check on him and...

I Guess he can reach the top of his dresser now...

He pulled the diaper basket down...

which also Contained


WHICH got put by the handful into his hair,

on his face, legs, hands, pj's all over him

not to mention the wall, the carpet, the dresser the diaper basket, a book everything

I threw him in the tub...
scrubbed his hair twice with dish soap, and it was still so stiff that it was standing up in spikes like this without anything in it.

I washed it again with shampoo and stuff , but it still feels nasty greasy.
but I couldn't help myself from giving him little devil horns with the shampoo

Monday, December 29, 2008

Crazy Chicken Lady

So my newest Brain Wave-
slight obsession
is to become a Crazy Chicken Lady


By this spring our plan is to find an acreage (hopefully close to Chris' work)

and my next plan is to build a chicken coop and start trying to raise a "FLOCK"
I found a great website
which reminded me of all the things I guess I knew some where deep down
Like baby Chicks would need a heat lamp, and also provided info that I had no idea about like each chicken actually requires 4 square feet per bird, or dipping a chicks beak in water so it understands the concept of the drinking bowl.

Anyways this is my newest little project because I'm bound and determined to try raising chicken- although being a city girl my whole life I'm sure you could make a reality TV show out of this idea that would probably rival Simple Life!!!
But it's my newest plan, and I hope with a lot of research before hand that I may be able to start at least constructing a coop and giving it a go as soon as we find a place~

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Candy Cane Lane

To Finish Off our Christmas Events we took in Candy Cane Lane that Night...

Apparently Candy Cane Lane has been a 30 year tradition
It's even been a whole show about it on HGTV

And over 200 house participate

christmas is over for another year

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already!!!
We spent it, just the 3 of us in Edmonton...
yeah a few things have changed (AGAIN)
Christmas was fun- Nathan is finally to the point were he loves ripping open the presents...although the whole day was about CANDY CANES...apparently they should never go in a 2 year olds stocking!!!
He was in Love with Thomas the Train and really happy with all the Hot Wheels cars he got in his stocking...both can Actually get him to sit still and play quietly.
I got a little spoiled,
a locket
scarf and hat
2 seasons of Sex and the City
and a purse that perfectly matches my new coat.
Poor Chris was more than a little tired, he got off work at 6am and we started Christmas at about 11.
so between, the sugar and the lack of sleep everyone needed a nap that afternoon.