Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Greasy Monkey

Everywhere- Everywhere-Everywhere
Nathan went to bed tonight, Or a least I thought he did!
I went to check on him and...

I Guess he can reach the top of his dresser now...

He pulled the diaper basket down...

which also Contained


WHICH got put by the handful into his hair,

on his face, legs, hands, pj's all over him

not to mention the wall, the carpet, the dresser the diaper basket, a book everything

I threw him in the tub...
scrubbed his hair twice with dish soap, and it was still so stiff that it was standing up in spikes like this without anything in it.

I washed it again with shampoo and stuff , but it still feels nasty greasy.
but I couldn't help myself from giving him little devil horns with the shampoo

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