Monday, December 29, 2008

Crazy Chicken Lady

So my newest Brain Wave-
slight obsession
is to become a Crazy Chicken Lady


By this spring our plan is to find an acreage (hopefully close to Chris' work)

and my next plan is to build a chicken coop and start trying to raise a "FLOCK"
I found a great website
which reminded me of all the things I guess I knew some where deep down
Like baby Chicks would need a heat lamp, and also provided info that I had no idea about like each chicken actually requires 4 square feet per bird, or dipping a chicks beak in water so it understands the concept of the drinking bowl.

Anyways this is my newest little project because I'm bound and determined to try raising chicken- although being a city girl my whole life I'm sure you could make a reality TV show out of this idea that would probably rival Simple Life!!!
But it's my newest plan, and I hope with a lot of research before hand that I may be able to start at least constructing a coop and giving it a go as soon as we find a place~

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