Sunday, May 3, 2009

no one to blame but me

Nathan's been a real tape recorder lately...and tonight it came back to bite me.
When we we're living in the "EVIL" condo, I was always worried that maggie's barking would get us in trouble with the condo Nazi's. So It was probably several times a day I would say "shut up Maggie."
I've actually heard Nathan tell Maggie to "shut up" a few times out here, and felt kind of bad that I knew he'd gotten it from me, but I hoped if I ignored it, it might disappear (especially since I no longer say it b/c I don't care if she barks out here)
But tonight...
I was doing laundry and my helper wandered in to see what I was up too...(our laundry room is the main floor bath) anyways he started repeatedly flushing the toilet, I asked him to stop, and then snapped at him the second time"Nathan I already said that's enough"
and his response?
wanna see Mommy go from zero to mad instantly?
NAthan figured out how to make that happen tonight!!!!

I thought I'd have at least a few more years until he started back talking me like that!
as he got but in his room, I was kind of wondering if I should go for a time out too...since I taught him the words in the first place?????

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