Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally a MRS

After, like 4 years of being "engaged"- we finally just ran off and "Eloped"- well, sort of...
We went to Drumheller for the day

and had our parents meet us there, so it was small a quick..and in the end it was just the people that I think it was most important to.

I didn't wear my "real wedding dress" partly because I was scared it wouldn't fit and partly just to keep this simple and laid back

We got married at the "little Church"
- which seats 10,000
6 at a time
(also a way of ensuring that the wedding had to stay small, there was only enough room for us in there)
and finally after all this waiting, and cancelled wedding finally was a done deal, sealed with a kiss!


Sarah said...

Wowowowowow Girl!!!! Congratulations to you both!! You looked so lovely - what a beautiful couple you are. Wonderful hon!!! Blessings, Sarah

Anne said...

Congratulations! I think small weddings are the best kind! Love the first picture of you with your flowers and the sunlight shining down on you so beautiful and radiant! May you be blessed with a long and happy marriage! :-)

Leslie said...

Congratulations Jo. Looks like a perfect day