Saturday, June 12, 2010

rain drops keep falling on my head

Monday night our soccer practice was canceled due to rain. But when your 3 rain just makes everything more fun!!!I'd found a scooter at a garage sale for 7 dollars on the weekend. He's being dying for one for awhile. Every time were in a store where there sold he's ready to test drive them up and down the isles, peoples ankles in the way or not! One of the drawbacks to living on a farm is you don't have sidewalks, or hardly enough concrete to ride a scooter properly. So instead of soccer practice we went to town anyways and spent a good 45 minutes riding in a parking lot. The finished a new strip mall last summer and store are yet to move into any of the spaces. This makes for some awesome riding. there are no cars, and brand new concrete everywhere.

Nate was getting the hang of it pretty good. But you would have laughed at me. Rain may not bother 3 year olds but there was Mom under a big umbrella with a warm coffee in hand going up and down the curbs behind the "ROCKET SCOOTER".

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