Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What rings true?

I got an email from a college friend the other day. It made me LOL

"you've totally gone domesticated...milking goats, making soap...my my my...what happened to my high heel wearing outrageous jo?
Farmer jo has a good ring to it."

It was from one of my best friends in college and it made me laugh.

The girl I was then owned a PINK feather boa and would wear it to the bar paired with a pink cowboy hat and pink cowboy boots- because she could.
She was known to wear high heels even when moving.
She owned sports cars that she drove too fast, and charmed cops out of giving her tickets.
All of her friends would be waiting for her to get to class Monday morning to hear the stories of her wild weekend in the "big city" and there was always a story.

but that was 10 years ago

Now the same girl wears pink rubber boots out to feed the chickens. And drinks pink ginger ale instead of beer.
She lives in rubber boots or sneakers because there easier to chase kids in. And only wears high heels once and awhile to town.
She drives a minivan, the speed limit because there is precious cargo strapped in the backseat.
And she reads bedtime stories
She takes classes online to learn to make goat cheese and soap.

yes farmer jo does have a good ring to it. Probably a much truer ring.
I had fun, I had adventures. I probably would have had a much more interesting blog back then.
But now?...Now I'm living my truth.
I'm living the life I always wanted as a child.
And I'm giving that life to my children.

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Cha Cha said...

Part of the adventure of life is evolution ... we evolve, and what we love evolves, and we figure out who we really are, and it's all always changing and growing. I'm so glad you're right where you want to be!