Friday, March 12, 2010

Stay Home Stay Happy

I know your going to want to kick me .more about my iphone. but I downloaded the kobo application and have been scanning through online books. Anyways I just read the first chapter of Stay Home Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-home Motherhood by Rachel Campos-Duffy.

"All of us want the same thing : to be there for our children without losing our sense of self and purpose. We want to transform the stay-at-home experience by finding innovative outlets for our creativity and professional interests so we can feed our minds and souls during this incredible- and fleeting- journey."

that quote jumped off the page at me (or the screen i guess- I'm going to have to get used to the idea of reading an entire book on a screen- no sure I'm there yet!) But I was thinking along those exact lines for the last few days. It's hard not to start losing yourself or only think of yourself as Mommy. I try to use my art skills both to nurture myself and create fun activities for Nathan, but I still hate going to parties or anywhere new and facing the question "what do you do?"
"I'm at home" which I almost always feel like I should follow up with "for now," or "until the kids are in school". I loved the fact the author is making no apologies for being a stay at home mom. Her attitude is so, I could be having a glamorous career, but I choose to be at home and I'm proud of it! -
maybe it's just me, but I wish more women would admit they are proud to be stay at home mom's, maybe societies attitude about it would change a little. And Maybe I could feel a little less like I have to apologize or make excuses for why I'm at home instead of back at work.
It probably is just my own insecurities and maybe it's in my own mind that people seem to cut conversations short at that point. like if she stays at home and talks to a three year old all day she can't be all that interesting or informed or current. I think I am, I try to be, and I can still carry on a conversation with an adult as an adult. It's not like I'll ask you if you need to use the potty in the middle of a sentence or something.

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