Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ever Notice...

Ever notice how hard it is to come back to blogging when you let it slide for a few weeks.

or is it just me?

I feel like so much stuff happens that I don't know where to start again

I signed Nathan up for playschool (starting in October)
and he'll be Mutton Bustin' again in June

Greg is 5 months and doesn't seem like a newborn anymore. I'm constantly amazed how well he can track with his eyes and how he gets a hold of anything he can and won't let go.
We were having mashed potatoes with dinner the other night and I gave him a taste. He did better than I expected with the texture. BUT... when he had gas for the next 24 hours I decided his poor little system isn't quite ready for solids.

Chris was home for the entire long weekend. And we actually managed to cross some things off the TO DO list. We spent pretty much the whole weekend here, so I guess there wasn't much of a choice. - But Thankfully it sounds like he'll be headed for Fort Mac again within a week (fingers crossed) because boy could our bank account use some overtime again.

I have a small forest in our front window right now and can't wait till the temperatures stop dropping so low at night to get all these plants actually planted outside.

My baby chicks are becoming chickens. They've lost all the cute chick fuzz, and are actually kinda scary looking now. They've also figured out that us coming in means food. So they jump out to meet us at the door. It's becoming a lot of fun to keep them in and Cat out. Good thing I have a "expert chicken wrangler" with me usually.

I had a mini melt down about 2 weeks ago, over some stuff in the media. Although I won't go into details right now. I've tried to change some rules around here. (thanks to a a pep talk from my BFF- who suggested it) I'm trying to carve an hour a night out per night to work on "my stuff" "my projects" and not house projects but actual me time. and another 3 hours on Sundays where I can either leave the kids with dad or kick everyone out of the house. It was working well until this week. My dad- or Grandpa as he's better known is coming on Friday and my projects have turned back into trying to madly get the mudroom painted.

But I have signed up for an online course or goat milking-cheese making and goat milk soap making. Yes, we don't have a goat (YET) but we'll see how this goes.

I've purged
Now maybe everything's caught up and I can just blog when the feeling comes instead of constantly feeling like I need to say so much that I'll never have time to write it all up.

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