Friday, October 16, 2009

Tea Time

Several weeks ago we took Nathan out for Vietnamese food, and he discovered He LOVES Tea!

I haven't made any at home in quite awhile but it was so cold the other day, I made a pot and offer him a cup at the table with me. I guess Mommy can make it as good as the restaurant...

This was all good and cute, until the next day, when I was standing in the laundry room and heard a strange clinking sound from the kitchen.

"Nathan what are you doing?"


hmmm not good. I went to investigate.

and if the little tea monster hasn't added 2 tea bags to the tea pot and is climbing on the counter trying to figure out how to plug in the kettle!

I made him a pot, with a lecture about how he was allowed to have tea but needed to ask Mommy first, and Mommy would make it.

Again~ I guess my tea making ability gets the thumbs up!

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Patti G. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....and my cake might have been the ONLY cake you saw this year, but yet I will take that as a shining compliment! :0) Muahaha!

Nathan is adorable and you are loving sharing life with him! That is fantastic! They grow so fast! My baby, is a Junior in college enjoy every moment with Nathan. :0) That he likes tea is fun.

Your going to carve a pumpkin then? Meeeeeeee too, this weekend I hope, and I hope to add it to my blog when I do.

Have a fun Halloween .....with Nathan, what will he be this Halloween?