Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today is the due date....

So January 12th is- was my actual due date for baby number 2

I had already convinced (or basically just agreed with) the OBGYN that we would do a scheduled C-section and the hospital had that booked for January 8th.
So one way or another I knew the baby would be in my arms by this date....


I really wasn't expecting what happened.
What's that saying? "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans."?!!?!

So our beautiful new bundle arrived 2 and half weeks early. In another city and on Christmas day!
He's beautiful. He's Healthy. He's the best Christmas Present anyone could ever get. But Gosh was he a surprise that day!!!

We'd gone down to Calgary Christmas Eve and were staying at my Dad's house.

In Retrospect now, I realize I was probably in the beginning stages of Labor all night, since I couldn't sleep for more that an hour without my hips hurting so bad that I needed to get up to pee and relieve the pressure. That had been happening for weeks though, not quite once an hour, but I'd been getting up about every 2 hours for weeks at home, so this didn't strike me as all that strange.

However, when we started opening presents on Christmas morning things changed! Not only was I up going to the bathroom constantly I was now getting definite pains. - and I spent the whole time we were doing Christmas morning trying to convince myself that although they might feel like labour pains there was no way I was in labour, at best it was braxton hicks or in my eloquent way "I was faking it". I tried for hours to hold out hope that they were irregular ( a sign that it was braxton hicks) and that they would stop. I hid out down stairs in the bedroom, I hate being the centre of attention at the best of times, when I'm in pain that would be one of the worst things you could do to me. I took a shower, I plead to Chris to make it stop, I was desperate not to have a baby on Christmas Day. And finally after hours of this, and my contractions getting to the point of less than 3 minutes apart. He put his foot down "this is not braxton hicks, you are not faking it. And since I am not delivering a baby here or in the car we need to go to the hospital NOW!"

Long story short our Beautiful son Gregory was in my arms at 3: 36pm that afternoon. We've now had 2 and 1/2 extra weeks with him. He's snuggly, and perfect, and so worth missing Christmas dinner for!

Our little Christmas Miracle!


~Crystal~ said...

Yay!....I was hoping you would post about him being born on Christmas. So precious.

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh oh what a beautifullittle man!!! Wow on Christmas!! Congratulations hon..Wow!!!
hugs, Sarah