Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go Canada Go

Canada vs. US men's Hockey tonight- I decided to give Nathan an Olympic experience...
We baked up some "Bring on the Gold" cookies
They were suppose to have little maple leafs, but they all melted, definitely looked better on the package than the real thing- but still Yummy
And then I dressed everyone in RED- including Nathan's Canada hoodie and put on temporary tattoos from the dollar store. Nathan thought the Tattoo's were the coolest thing EVER!


Yes, I tattooed a less than 2 month old baby- he needs to get used to his mother being crazy from the start!

All of us ready for the game!
We cheered
Okay I cheered, and Nathan told me"shhhhh Mommy, you hurted my ears"
and then we lost...hmmmm

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