Monday, February 8, 2010

I feel like a new parent

Well, I guess I technically am a new parent! But for some reason I expected there to be less of a learning curve with the second baby. However this is me, and I have to make it a whole new game again.
With Nathan I had to learn the art of diapering one handed, while keeping a squirming baby on the change table with the other hand.
and you know? Since I mastered that little challenge why not take on a new challenge? right...right?
Actually it all started with the idea that cloth diapering would be more "sanitary" out on the farm, without regular trash pickup I was worried about diapers sitting around the area too long. I had a plan to sew a bunch of diapers before Greg was born, but that didn't get done. My MIL found these little g diapers.

I like the idea of them,
they are kind of the in between of disposable diapers, and actual cloth diapers
"You can flush, compost, or toss them. Flush and you're putting poop where it belongs. Throw the wet ones in your garden compost and in 50 – 150 days you've turned a wet diaper into a soil amendment. You're actually giving something back to the planet and reducing your family's footprint."
I'm not totally sure if I'm ready to compost them myself, but it seems like a more earth friendly idea.
Gotta tell you though,
I haven't been peed on this much in a long time!
I'm thinking I nee more that 2 of the little g pants, I'm not quick enough putting the new liner back in the pants...and well, I am dealing with a little boy!
Hopefully, I can master the quick change with these diapers as well, before Greg gets big enough to start squirming like his brother always did!

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