Monday, February 7, 2011

baby curls

With all of us down sick for the week. (This cold has been BRUTAL)our only big excitement was going to the "kid" hairdresser on Saturday.
Yes, I have to bribe Nathan to cut his hair by offering up a place with a ball pit, and fun colored hair spray.
But they have a blast, and I get get him cropped in the process.

(is it strange I think Nate looks like some kind of raptor in this picture?)

Do you love the punk green look? He insists on it every time. But it washes out quick, and it seems like a small price to not have the hair cut fight.

This pic of Greg makes me giggle.
He fought so hard to chase after the big kids and go in the ball pit.
Then as soon as he was in in.
This was the face.
Balls are really hard to move in when you still can't walk.

Of course cutting Nathans hair made me take a hard look at Greg's! I always hate having to give them their first hair cut. I think it was only after Nathan got called  a girl 4 times in like 2 weeks that I relented and cut his hair. But right now I'm so in love with the soft downy feel of Greg's baby curls I can't even fathom cutting them yet. And this time I think I might cry when it does have to be done. You want your first to grow up and keep moving, but the baby? he can stay a baby as long as he wants!

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