Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did I mention my tree?

I've hated our tree for the last couple of years.
I took all my "special" ornaments and all my show ones and put them on the pink tree that I display in the stairwell. Partially because the pink tree is too cute not to have special ornaments and partly because I'm scared of the kids breaking some of them.

The problem this has caused is our big tree is now kind of bare looking, all the ornaments being nothing really special.

Until this year.

I went out to Canadian tire one day and feel in love with all these bejeweled beauties.

 It all kind of started when I fell for this little "jester guy" and the jewel encrusted crown. The star is such a perfect replacement for our big white angel that was getting a little ragged looking.

The whole tree is themed in such rich greens, purples, reds and Oranges. And I love the fact I can add things like a feathered purple bird (50% off on boxing day)

 All the jewels, sparkles, and rich colors just make me so happy

Can you tell I'm thrilled? to finally have a put together tree again, makes everything so much better.

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