Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In the running for Mother of the year?

My friend has an excellent saying
"...And then, I accepted my Mother of the Year Award"
(insert sarcasm font between quotation marks)
For all those times you say or do something to your child that makes you feel like maybe they should require people to get a parenting license before having kids.

I had one of those moments last night...
It's been a fight with Nathan for the past 3 bedtimes, whether he should be required to wear pajamas. The first couple of nights he has gone to been in the pajamas but also in tears.
The fight started again last night, trying to avoid a temper tantrum I changed the tactic.

This was the conversation...
"Mom, I not wear pajamas"
"If your going to bed you wear pajamas"
"NNNNOOOOO, I want to wear my clothes!!!!"
This is the point where the whine started and the eyes are brimming with tears.
"Nathan, if you want to sleep in your bed you wear pajamas. If you want to sleep in clothes I guess you need to go out and sleep in the goat barn."
There is a looooonnnnnngggg pause, as he absorbs this information. Then tries to decide if I'm serious.
"MOM, Don't be silly"
"Nathan, you don't be silly. Put on your pajamas or you'll have to sleep with the goats"
At this point he decided to go find some pajamas, rather than see if Mom was serious.
And me?
I went off to accept my Mother of the Year Award.
I'm sure threatening to make your child sleep in a barn in the dead of winter would at least get you into the finals, for such an award.

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