Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick Christmas re-cap

I must apologize to Everyone! My kids got so spoiled this year, I think Santa must have emptied his entire sleigh here. So if Santa Forgot you, I apologize, I'm sure it was our fault!!!

Really the kids got spoiled rotten.

There was everything from a bike to a rocket ship in our living room on Christmas morning. Plus about nine million action figures.

My in-laws were here, we had such fabulous meals both days, and the kids were in heaven getting Grandpa Charlie to figure out there toys (all I have to say about that- "when are the toy manufactures going to stop making it a half an hour process to get toys out of their packages?!!!?)
Grandpa and Gramma learned names of characters they'd never heard of.

See? S-P-O-I-L-I-E-D!!!! let's just hope it doesn't turn them rotten!

Do you remember back in November when I wrote about the radio station being on location in town and how we'd enter for a trip to Vegas? Well, we didn't win the trip to Vegas but Chris won tickets to a Charlie Pride concert in May. And really no offense to Mr. Pride. I mean I know his Kiss an Angel Good morning song, but that's about it. Dude is like 72. I wasn't sure his concert was going to be our cup of tea. So we kind of re-gifted the tickets.
We gave them to my in-laws for Christmas.
They were the surprise hit of the year.
My father-in-law was totally excited.
I mean the tickets are wicked, they are like 3rd row on the floor. -and yes I know I'm totally cheap, giving away free concert tickets as a Christmas present, but he was so excited. I thought it was awesome!

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