Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cold days, fun afternoons

Our "new" schedule means that Greg is in babysitting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Nathan goes to school Tuesday and Thursday mornings and joins Greg at babysitting on Wednesdays. This gives me a day and a half to complete all my work and half a day alone with each of the boys.

Today (Tuesday, Nov. 23) was brutal temperatures, record setting temperatures actually a lot of Alberta was some of the coldest places on earth today. I know our thermometer was reading -33 at one point this morning and it doesn't factor windchill.
The highways were so bad first thing this morning that Daddy couldn't make it to work. So he worked online part of the day, and came to town with Nate and I in the afternoon. After I finished what was left of my work assignments, and we got some water, the 3 of us had a great time doing some Christmas shopping. Checking out all of the holiday decorations, and ornaments. Trying on silly hats.Drink Christmas cokes And getting Nathan to pick out a gift for his brother, specifically for him.

One of the radio stations was broadcasting from a local store so we stopped in to enter our names for a trip to Vegas ( wouldn't that be heaven to go anywhere warm right now!!!!) They were also having a crack the vault contest, where you can enter 7 numbers into their  "vault machine" and if you crack it the prize is a million dollars. How Sweet would that be???? Needless to say, we  didn't manage to crack the vault. But Nathan was thrilled with the hot chocolate, getting a sticker and a rice crispy square.
Wouldn't it be nice to be 4 and have those things be cooler than a million bucks?.

Overall we had a great afternoon out. Of course that ended pretty quick when we came home and discovered a goat half dead with hypothermia. I don't write much about the acreage here any more. Mostly because  I maintain another blog devoted to the comings and goings of animals and the work were doing on a separate blog Acreage Dreams. You can see the post about our poor goat buddy here if your interested.

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