Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today was a day of kindness

I have an insanely busy week in front of me. ( well, coming from my old life of having no routines and no defined schedules. This work/school/babysitting thing is hard to adjust too)

Anyways, in order to fit everything in since I have about twice the amount of work I was expecting this week, I went and did my in store studies for most of today.

Since I have no winter boots that I'd wear to town I wore a pair of old high heeled boots. Now My arches and back are killing me. Again, I will point out I used to live in high heels, heck once I moved in them. But now-a-days I'm all about flip flops, sneakers, or rubber boots. So heels was a pretty bad choice.

having said all this...I HAD A SUPER AWESOME DAY!!!!
It was one of those days you count your blessing. People seemed to be going out of their way to try and make my day.

* The Lady at the 7-11 gave me my coffee free
* Another lady stopped me in the store
"Excuse me,"
"I just have to tell you that you have gorgeous hair"
"Ummm...well, thank you. I'm a little surprised it's not even done today"
"Well, it's so pretty, I just had to tell you"
(and it's true, I thought my hair looked horrible today I had it up in a loose bun/knot on the back of my head. People usually only tell me how nice my hair is when it's down and curled under control)
* I got home and my kids were thrilled to see me.
* Greg, although he was suppose to be in bed, spent 1/2 an hour doing a dance and talking to me from his crib. He had quite a story to tell me and I just smiled and thought, these are the moments I wish would last forever.

I don't know, all in all it just felt like a very good day. Where you have to stop and count your blessing. See how people really truly, can be good and nice and make your day in such small simple ways.

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