Saturday, November 20, 2010

Things that made me laugh while driving

There were several instances over the summer, and the last few months where I came across someones car, and just started laughing. These are the few a actually caught up to and got a picture of.

Seriously thinking of repainting my minivan to have a snazzy paint job like this.
(Although Chris says its actually suppose to be the Scooby Do van)

Here Lizard, Lizard. I think its hilarious some one turned their car into a lizard- dragon- reptile mobile.

On a Smart car. A Licence plate that reads "NOTDUMB" -Brilliant if you ask me!

And really this sign speaks for itself.

The only picture I missed that I'm still kicking myself over,
I saw an older Hurst driving down the road. Someone had obviously bought it second hand and pimped it right out.
the back window read
" A Tisket a Tasket, No Body in the Casket."
and then it had one of those gory, bloody Halloween arms dragging out the backdoor.
I just died laughing. But at 80km/h it was impossible to get a picture : (

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