Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sharks and penguins and sting rays, oh my

 West Edmonton Mall, had a customer appreciation day at their sea cavern this week. = free admission.
 I took both boys, and we were there in time to see the shark feeding

Greg is getting so big, and trying so hard to do and see everything  Nathan is interested in.

WE got to stick our hands in the tide pools, where we could touch starfish. Nathan wasn't a fan, since they are both slimy and kind of rough feeling at the same time.

  We also got to pet sting rays in another pool, although Nate couldn't get them to swim close enough and couldn't reach to the bottom. I did however actually touch one, which apparently amazed a few people when I told them : )

By far, the highlight for Nathan was the penguins.

I think he would have watched them for hours, if I'd let him.

It was a fun afternoon. But even better when you don't have to pay admission to show the boys something new.

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