Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Mania part 2

Nathan has been pestering me since the start of October (actually it may have started as early as September).To Carve a Pumpkin. So as much as the kids have been sick, and I didn't get any Halloween decorations up. I knew I wasn't going to get away without at least carving a pumpkin.

Nathan wanted a "MAD" face, so "We" drew it together. As in I ended up drawing the shapes in the end, because he couldn't get them looking the way he wanted. But he was giving me directions the whole time. I also made him scoop a good amount of pumpkin guts. And even let him do some of the carving when we got to the straight lines.

But most impressive to me was that I finally got the dog pumpkin done I talked about last year..I was pretty happy with how it turned out. When I sent a pic to my brother he was in L-O-V-E!!! It does look quite similar to his new bulldog puppy. (Although the pattern is for a Pug-shhhh. Everyone will see what they want to in art right?)

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