Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pirate pop update

The Pirate pops were a hit at the preschool. At least half the boys asked Nathan for a second one. And probably close to half the moms asked questions about how they were made.

I ended up staying for all of Preschool today, one of the "room helper" moms got her days mixed up and didn't show for her appointed day. This worked out well since I owed a day of volunteering from Nathan being sick a few weeks ago. Now I'm caught back up on my days and got to see the kids eat the pirate pops that I slaved over last night!
BTW- "draw the faces on with edible marker"...uhhh yeah. That works for about 2faces before the marker is so gummed up you have to go over the lines 20-30 times to even make a mark. If I do these again I've be doing some research into finding a better ink/dye/icing/something to draw with.
AND....No matter how cute the pictures look I swear they have been photoshoped. There is NO WAY the candy coating comes out that smooth no matter what I did.

But I threw some photos up on facebook, and got rave reviews from friends and family, so that was a little bit of balm on the wound.

Tonight I don't get to do anything as fun and creative, instead I'm swearing at the computer. I took a part time job last month, which involves a lot of computer downloading and printing documents. Needless to say I've spent about 45 minutes on the phone tonight with my boss. Another hour or so trying to unzip and e-mail files not to mention the printer mess that I made Chris just deal with for me~
Tell me once this is all set up it will get easier?
Or at least I'll develop a callus on my forehead so all the banging my head again the screen doesn't hurt as much~

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