Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We had Daddy home one last weekend before he starts his regular shift...and a garage sale, and a park trip and Grandpa Zoom...Pretty full weekend!

Taking a Lunch Break in the Backyard with our best buddy Grandpa...there were tears and a tantrum when Grandpa left...but not the same reaction when Daddy was leaving...oops...way to hurt daddy's feelings!!!
This is the only pic I took of the garage sale in action...I kept meaning too...especially how crazy the guys were wheeling and dealing and talking people into everything...over 700 we made in the 2 days...not too shabby...plus now I don't have to move any of it
Me, trying to convince a scaredy cat to come down the slide, he crawls all the way across that bridge on his own and then sits at the top of the slide debating if he's coming down??? Half the time I have to do what I'm doing here, and climb onto the bottom of the slide and give him a push to get started and remember he likes the slide...then it's smooth sailing, other than the jumping up and down to lift him to each level of the park he can't climb to yet!!!

The teeter totter that's been renamed "wheeeee, bump"

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