Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Drain is fixed for a lot less that 700 dollars.

I had a second Plumber come out today and look at our leaking Tub.
He actually took the drain apart- unlike my other plumber who just wrote me a 700 dollar quote to rip out all the pipes.
Anyways my plumber today, pulled out the drain, found that there was NO SEAL- most likely whoever re glazed the Tub before we moved in, never replaced the seal!
But regardless...
He replaced the seal, and put silicone around the drain...and charges me 75 DOLLARS
What's that like 10 % of what the other plumber wanted???
And He'll be back next week to fix the ceiling...something I would have had to call someone else for with the other company...oh and I'd be patching 2 holes with them since they wanted to put a hole in the closet as well!
I've been thrilled all day that the problems fixed for way less than I was worried it would be...but I couldn't let it go either...part of the reason I originally picked the first company out of the phone book was because they had the BBB (Better Business Bureau) logo.
So I filed a complaint with the BBB online tonight...
although I don't expect much, I did say an appropriate response would be to refund the "dispatch and Travel" fee of 49.95- well wait and see what their response is...but considering my second plumber said their was nothing wrong with any of the pipes and the whole issue was the seal... I used words like "fraudulent up selling" in my complaint!
At the very least it will Scar their reputation-
and hey who knows maybe I'll get my money back for them wasting my time!

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