Friday, March 20, 2009

Cool Dude Super Boots

What is it when Chris has his days off I manage to get pulled from the computer for a few days?
You would think that I'd have more time on my hands???
Actually I have to give him some credit he actually did a power clean on my kitchen and even tackled my really scary stove! YAY

I know today is officially the first day of spring...but for me the essence of spring was yesterday!
We took a quick trip out to the new town, to do some tasks like getting a post office box and went on a hunt for pre-school information. (btw~ so looking forward to preschool- which is going to be 2 mornings a week right in town, and I'm so thrilled that I don't have to drive to the next town I can't tell you)
anyways after the "chores" were done we headed to the next town to check out the Walmart and the no frills food store.

We found Nathan the cutest boots ever!!!
Okay I convinced him they were cool dude boots ~ since Chris hates it when I tell him things he or the boy wears are CUTE
Anyways they're black rubber boots with yellow stripes and yellow toes, and a badge on the front the say

Fire Chief

he thinks they're so cool he's been wearing them around the house, and when we got to the "no frill" he refused to wear his winter boots he wanted his new ones...

anyways the spring part??
he got out of the truck realized after about 2 steps he was walking in water, and jumped and splashed and carried on all the way into the store.
When, he was having one of his "special moments" in the store, I took him back out to the truck while daddy stood in line and he spent 20 minutes splashing and watching the water run into the drain and kicking it into the was the perfect spring moments...
I took some pics and a quick video, but that stupid camera is refusing to recognize the files at the moment so I'll have to bug Chris tomorrow to figure out what the &*$## is wrong with it now!
and then maybe I'll get some pics of the super dude boots too!

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