Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Made my day

Today had been a pretty frustrating day, we need to meet all the conditions for the acreage by today...and we're still waiting on the bank- and therefore the mortgage. Which is driving me crazy!!! I think we'll be able to get an extension if we have to, but I so wanted it to be done today...
so maybe this is a message from above...it certainly interesting that it showed up today????

This is the prize I won in OWOH event. From the Fabulous Janice over at Stamps,Scraps, & Snaps she creates some pretty amazing cards with some really cool stamps, you should go over and check out her stuff.
She sooooo made my day today! getting a big box in the mail full of all the beautiful ribbons, paper and flowers as well as the lettering to create the FAITH hanging in the picture...I'm so happy! She so brightened my otherwise foul mood today!!!


Sarah said...

Funny how things work that way - little reminders that show up just at the right time!! It is beautiful. Hugs and good luck, Sarah

Leslie said...

Wow...what an awesome sign for you to receive when you needed it the most. Can't wait to hear how it all works out.