Monday, March 9, 2009

stress produces art

This was the ink sketch I did in my sketchbook a couple of weeks back...Chris has been bugging me it looks very Manga...but I saw a fairy in her...her back just looked like she needed wings

So I glued a piece of scrapbook paper to a 4X6 art board and started painting- I gave her clip art butterfly wings...and managed to finish her all in one night, because I started her the night that we had to decide to make an offer on the property or not. I was so stressed out and angry about being forced into a quick decision that I was up all night I just kept painting and re- tinting and changing her hair color. I swear she must have 50 layers of paint!
Oh well, I like her.
I've decided I need to work much smaller I've been overwhelming myself with 16 X20 canvases or bigger...and they never seem to get finished, because the background always seems to trip me up an then they sit and sit and sit waiting for me to decide.- So I'm turning over a new leaf and allowing myself to do "other" things for backgrounds and work smaller...I'm actually pretty proud that at least I can say I finished 1


~Crystal~ said...

Oh I love her! What's her name?

Leslie said...

Even before I scrolled down I saw the fairy in her too. She's awesome.

Sarah said...

She is beautiful - love her eyes! Have you tried doing ACEO's - baseball card size? I love doing them!!! Sarah