Sunday, March 8, 2009

what is this???

Ever since I got my new camera for my birthday, our other camera has kind of gone to the wayside...I'd stop using it completely except that it fits so much easier in a purse or pocket.
I finally got around to downloading the randomness that is on the old camera this weekend, and I have to ask? does anyone know what this is?

We were at West Ed mall about a month ago, and they had covered the huge skating rink in the centre of the mall with Astro turf for this tournament of sorts
They were throwing what looked like a red bone to me a lines of white "bones" with mesh and metal net in behind??? I don't know if the nets were just backstops or if it was actually for scoring somehow?
This is what the row of "bones" looked like
The had a sign up with a website that I thought I'd remember to figure out exactly what this game is, but of course I didn't write it down and now I've any ideas?

The whole reason we stopped is because a little monkey took an interest in the action, and insisted on climbing the spectator chairs and watching over the rail. It was really good, he was happy and actually still for over twenty minutes he was so busy watching this game

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