Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dandelions will be the death of me...

Nathan and I, went outside this morning and played out there until afternoon nap time. I spent half that time picking dandelion heads off...which I had completely popped all the heads off yesterday afternoon, but there was more than 100 in bloom again by this morning.

While we were outside I pulled out the new baseball bat and ball, I bought at the dollar store for Nathan a few weeks ago.
I batted the ball across the yard a few times to give him the idea of why they go together...then I gave him the bat...
it wasn't in his hand 3 seconds and it broke!
He swung at the ball on the ground and the bat snapped in half.
obviously not meant to stand up to the abuse of an 18 month old...oh well, it was a dollar what can you expect?
Actually it turned out better than expected...He now had 2 sticks to beat together- and the made a great noise since they're hollow...
and then he discovered that the rubber grip was a separate piece from the bat handle and sat on the lawn for 20 minutes sliding the bat handle in and out of the grip...it takes a great deal of concentration to get the two pieces back together since they only fit one way and it has to be aligned perfectly to go in...
So Actually the 2 piece bat and ball turned into to a great 4 piece game that entertained him for over half an hour.
Funny how things work!

I didn't even accomplish half as much today as I did yesterday...
like I said I killed dandelions,
I actually made dinner tonight- although Nathan refuse to eat most of it.
I got a load of laundry done, and we went to Walmart and got a bunch on new tee shirts and a couple pairs of short for both of us...why? I'm not sure considering its suppose to rain for the next week straight almost.

Poor Nathan is starting to display some odd behavior- which I'm attributing to his missing his Daddy...
He'll start to cry, and the run and hid behind the rocking chair, peeking out to make sure I know he's crying...and no offers of a bottle or food or anything will drag him out. I usually have to go scoop him up.
He also is having a hard time going to sleep...He rocks and rocks in his bed making that irritating squeak sound...I swear it's because he knows it drives his Dad crazy and he's hoping Daddy will come in and tell him to stop!

On the positive Note...Chris is already thinking he'll love this job...apparently everyone there is very positive and upbeat. They have a serious focus on safety, and have told everyone they would rather the job was done well and safely than quickly or at risk to someone...even if it takes a little longer. He was impressed that your asked to do something, and then they leave you to do it, without breathing down your neck. And that everyone is treated as an important part of the team, management doesn't look or talk down to "the field grunts". I'm excited for him, he needs a positive work environment, to make up for all the bad experiences he's had in the last few years.
I just can't wait until we're all up there together...it seemed like such a good idea, we'd be better off making mortgage payments here than paying rent up there. and the wedding is all planned for down here... there seemed like so many good reasons to stay, and now it's hard to justify even one of them, and it's only been 2-3 days...I can't imagine 4 more months of this...but we agreed on the phone tonight that we'd give it a few weeks and then talk about the situation next time he's home, maybe we'll postpone the wedding and have it up there next spring instead.

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