Monday, May 19, 2008

My first day on my own...

So today was my first "Official" full day on my own...

and if I do say so myself it went very well, and better than that was highly productive.

I went out this morning and grabbed my Starbucks addiction, and then took Nathan to a "new' park. Although him playing at the park burns almost as much energy out of me as him. He was to little to figure out how to climb to the "BIG" slides, so I had to keep jumping up to lift him to the top platform. And then since the Big slides are fast, I had to climb back down quickly to catch him at the bottom.

But overall he had fun, and it had the desired effect of a big long nap afterwards.

Well Nathan was asleep. I started pounding away on the carport...I couldn't believe the amount of dirt and debris that's collected there over the winter. Moving everything out and sweeping was a 2 hour job.

It may not sound like much but the driveway runs at least 2/3 the length of the property, and it took a lot of sweeping and re sweeping to get the dirt up.

I was completely filthy- like black, on my feet and legs by the end.

When Nathan got up from his nap, we headed out to Home Depot, and bought some bricks to lay on the inside of the carport, at the bottom of the dogs cage, so they can't shove anything nasty into the carport this summer. We also bought 2 new hoses, and a bunch of plant seeds/bulbs...almost all of it was on sale- a long weekend special mostly.

I figured I'd worked hard enough today so I bought a pizza on the way home instead of making dinner. Then we just played and did normal Nathan running around stuff. He was tired again about 7, so he went for a quick nap...

and I went out to the carport and hosed the whole thing, even the windows and the side of the house...the place had a wet brick smell the rest of the night but looks so much cleaner.

We watched some TV once Nathan was up again, and he was extra cuddly...must be missing his Dad. I was sitting on the floor and he came over and threw himself in my lap constantly.... I'm glad Daddy left a shirt that smells like him, Nathan curls right into it, and falls asleep with it pressed right against his face.

Once Nathan was in bed for the evening, I put all the furniture back (except the rug- I need to find away to get all the dog hair out of that) and sat in the peace and cool of my carport- outdoor living room with a glass of wine.
It's lonely not having anyone to talk to at night...but I guess it's only a few months of this...

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