Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's been such a busy busy week

I must be finding it hard to adjust to "single" parenting, because I feel like I've had no time to do anything "extra" like blog.
But I can't complain to much it's been a super productive week.
Between Facebook and Kijiji adds I've managed to start selling off furniture...I fact 4 pieces in 3 days...all the less to move! Which will make me happy. And making some extra cash in the process what could be better??? Although I'm not selling the furniture or anything else for that matter for anything close to what it's thoughts are get it out, and make someones day with a deal in the process. Plus the extra bonus is, when you price things low people get here right away to pick everything up, so there's no waiting around and having people not show. (nothing Irritates me more, than people not showing up, and you wasting your time waiting.)
I also got into the speech therapy group for Nathan, it runs Tuesday mornings and starts next I scrambled today to line up a babysitter.
I managed to convince one of the mommy's from my play date group to take him and commit to every Tuesday morning until the end of July...I was pretty proud of my self for agreeing to the group and finding a babysitter so fast and efficiently.
On top of that I also finally called a plumber, whose lined up for tomorrow between noon and 4, to come look at the bathroom/dripping tub/ceiling issue.- maybe making the money with the furniture finally convinced me I could afford a plumber- ha haha
Actually I think that's the real reason I'm blogging right now. I know the tub and the whole bathroom for that matter need to be cleaned, and the ceiling that I ripped out downstairs needs to be picked up and bagged...since these sound like such unappealing chores I'd rather finding anything else that "needs' to be taken care of....
The exciting thing is we get Chris again this weekend...they're giving him one last weekend off to get in line with his "crews schedule"-
I'm sure he won't be overly thrilled that I have a garage sale planned for Saturday to get rid of all the stuff...although I think I'm being nice only doing it Saturday...
I've said anything that doesn't sell, we'll take to donate next week.
although since its a one day sale, I plan on slashing prices and doing 2 for 1 or maybe buy a bag and stuff it sales to get everything out in the last hour or 2. Hopefully it will all go, and we'll even end up with a bit of money...
But speaking of sale...awesome deals at the 50% off sale at Value Village on Monday.
I got my self 3 pairs of pants and a huge purse, then picked up Nathan's entire wardrobe for the next 4 to 6 months (about 25 pieces) Shorts, shirts, pants and a jacket.
all of it for....
wait for it
53 Dollars!!!
I was thrilled!
I can usually only buy myself 2 MAYBE 3 pairs of pants for that...and that's only at Wal-mart!
To get that much for me and half of it was pretty much fact my one pair of pants had never been worn they still had the store tag and extra buttons in the little baggie thing attatched...and I'm pretty sure Nathan's jacket is brand new too! By the looks of it and the tags inside it's never been washed.

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