Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FeEdiNg EVIL Geese

I Thought we needed to spend at least a little time outside yesterday- so we tried to teach Nathan to feed the ducks at the lake. He ate the bread- and the Geese won't let any ducks come near us....

It was a little Chilly, especially with the can see the snow is still between the rocks on the shore.

I also figured out yesterday that I'm afraid of geese.

I read somewhere years ago, that geese have strong enough wings that the flapping can break a childs arm. Hence why Nathan is being held in all these pictures.

But the stupid goose wouldn't leave me alone once it made the connection that I had food. I was literally running from this stupid thing...pretty aggressive bird I thought. It would walk right up to you looking for food...

As you can see in a bunch of the pics. Chris could even hand feed the stupid thing.

He was busy laughing at me, trying to convince me that even if the goose did bite has no teeth and the worst it would feel like was a pinch...I really have no desire to test that theory, thanks

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