Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow, Snow Go Away!

It was a pretty quiet day around here...the snow seems to have slowed us all down.

Although we did manage to get to Moore's and pick out a Tuxedo for Chris this afternoon. He looks pretty spiffy when he's all cleaned up. He also managed to get matching ties for his brothers...they'll both match and then match his vest material as well...I think it'll all look I just need to start over with my bridesmaids...well at least one of them.
Nathan was quite amused with the mirrors too...I let him stand in the dressing room mirrors, and he could figure out why there was suddenly 20 Nathans. It was pretty fun to see. Although he had to leave the store a little earlier than Daddy since he was not playing very nice. He's obviously headed for the terrible 2's much earlier than expected.

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