Monday, April 21, 2008

well it's melting but...

All the snow is starting to melt, at least off the roads and sidewalks...but since all the parks and the backyard is still soaked...we had lunch at McDonalds playland today. Anything to burn off some of that cabin fever energy.
I think Nathan was a little overwhelmed, there was about a million kids there today. He was funny when we walked in he didn't even want to let me take off his boots or his coat he was just roaring to get playing. But we actually had to take most of our lunch with us since there were tears by the end and it was obviously past nap time.
Hey as long as some of that extra energy is doesn't matter that Mom had to finish her burger at home!
Mom has also spent most of nap time on the phone with her bridesmaid- trying to come up with a "dress solution" for the wedding.
I really wish more stores would show pictures of all their dresses on looks like I'll be running all over town here, well the same is being done in Calgary to find a similar dress at a good price. blah!

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