Friday, April 25, 2008

Should have stayed in Bed

I think this is one of those days where I should have just stayed in bed.

I had to cancel my dentist appointment for this morning- because this stupid cold I came down with is making it impossible to breath through my nose.

This afternoon, I took Nathan to the "old mall" in search of a store I'd heard about, that would hopefully either have a bra to fit under my wedding dress, or would be able to custom make one- the store isn't in the mall any more. And no one can remember the name of it, so I can't look it up to see if it's moved.

And I think the thing that's got me the most riled today, is the conversation Chris had with his brother last night. His whole family seems to think I need to head back to work! I'm so ANGRY about that. Just because his brothers wife is returning to work after her baby...just because his mother worked all through their childhoods...
I keep saying my kid(s) will only be young once, and I want to enjoy as much of it as I can.

Plus we made the decision to move to a smaller town- with cheaper housing for this exact reason- so I shouldn't have to work.

And truth be told, Both Chris and I had separate properties when we left town. I sold mine and put the profits into this house. He sold his and put them into the business, which has now in essence lost that money.
I have paid the mortgage myself for the last year.
Although that's the only bill I really pay- he pays the utilities etc. - it's not like I've been having a free ride on some gravy train. I feel I've contributed more than my share for the past for them to start yapping off that I need to go back too work and help with the bills is absolute crap to me!

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