Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 19- 25, 2010

April 19- 25, 2010
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Top line left to right
* Iron Man and his new shin pads
* The New Iron Man helmet that he won't take off
* This is what was starring at me over my computer "look mommy muppets" - to much kermit the frog, now everything is a muppet not just a puppet.
* Baby Greg's
* Nathan's seeds

second row
* Monkey needs to be safe too! buckle in Monkey please!
* Rainy day balloons
* Helping get ready for the chicks washing out the pool
* Everyone's fav. Bubble wrap

Third row
* Play place climbing
* Evil goose hanging on the hay bale
* I went to grab some hay for the chicks, and noticed something on top of the hay bale.
* Nate with his special package

Forth row
* Me, and a chick
* Baby Farmer
* Chick close up- playing with the new macro lens
* Nate and the chick
* The new chick pen

Fifth row
* Chick kisses
* and the last 4 pics are me experimenting with the new lens and how close it can get to things...door handle in the barn, leaf, flowers...

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